Thursday, October 04, 2007

Standing and my downfall

I really want to stand, but I can't!
The next day!
Aw yeah, I did it!
***************My Downfall****************

These things are way better than tofutti cuties, MMM.
And the Pico's went great with our Tasty Tempeh Chili (La Dolce Vegan).


chanale said...

I might have to pick up a package at the co-op tomorrow (assuming they carry them). I think E would flip for ice cream that looks like a sandwich.

Laural said...

Yay, Rowan!!

I love the toy basket- where did you get it?? My current toy baskets are about to fall apart.

veganmomma said...


I'll have to check with G-Ma about the basket, I stole it from her house. I love it!

lao80 said...

Nothing is better then a key lime tofutti