Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pretend I got tagged

So I have never actually been tagged for a meme or anything like that, but I decided to pretend I got tagged for this one because it sounded fun. I could have just lied and said I was tagged, but I wanted everyone to know the truth so that they too could pretend to be tagged, only now if you are reading this consider yourself tagged. Leave me a comment if you decide to do it. Cool.

1. Does someone love you?
Yeah, I think there are at least a few.

2. What color is your couch?
One is red, the other a kind of earthy greenish brown.

3. Has anyone ever mistaken you for someone famous?
No, but that would make my day.

4. Are you named after a grandparent?
No, although I did have a great grandmother Sarah.

5. Say you were given a drug test right now. Would you pass or fail?
Um, yeah, for sure.

6. Are you taller than 5'6"?
Just a little.

7. When was the last time you were disappointed?
Hmm, like really disappointed, or just a little bit? I was a little disappointed that he skeleton jammies scared A, but only because I spent $$$ on them. I should have know because 6 months ago, glow in the dark stuff was freaking her out. I thought maybe it had passed.

I was really disappointed when I realized that when (notice I say when) we sell our house we will probably lose money, as in sell it for less than we bought.

8. Ever seen a dead body?
Only on T.V.

9. Who was the last person to send you a text message?
The last was my wonderful sis (but only because I told her no one sends me text messages and then I haven't written her back because I couldn't figure out how to make spaces, but this weekend someone told me it was the # key so I need to get on it).

10. What did you do yesterday?
We had a garage sale, I coached A's soccer game because her coaches were sick, went to a kiddie birthday party, and then fell over and collapsed when we got home and twiddled my thumbs until bedtime.

11. What’s the first thing you would do with five million dollars?
Move to a house closer to DH's work so he wouldn't have to commute.

12. What nationalit(ies) are you?
Italian, Scottish, English, and a little German

13. Any upcoming concerts you want to attend?
No, but can you let me know if you hear anything?

14. Who’s the last person that you felt was stalking you?
Ah, I've never had a stalker, but my DH had 2. I was always kind of jealous.

15. What’s your zodiac sign?

16. Where do you spend most of your money?
House stuff and FOOD.

17. On what do you spend most of your energy?
My children by far take up most of my energy. I worry about whether I am doing things "right", and if I'm damaging them for life. I waste a lot of energy worrying about things.

18. Is there a secret you've never told any of your friends?
Yeah, but nothing that no one knows about. Just things that maybe a certain friend knows but not another. I don't think I have any real secrets, I have too big of a mouth for that.

19. What are you doing in 2008?
Hopefully moving to a new house, and taking a vacation, someday, somewhere. I really don't know. I'll watch my 1st baby turn 4, and my 2nd baby turn 1, I am sure that will be big. DH and I will celebrate 10 years together, etc. etc.

20. What’s your favorite Disney movie?
Not sure if I have one. As a child I know I liked Bambi, but as an adult I am not going to admit to liking any of them.

21. Have you cried today?
No, but the timing of my eyes watering was perfectly timed with my nephew's little disappearing act today. I am pretty sure it was just a coincidence, but there is a chance I am that out of touch with my emotions that I may actually have been crying just a little. (we found him, don't worry)

23. What is your ringtone?
Whatever came on the phone. I miss my old annoying one which at least I picked out from among the annoying tones that came on my previous phone. Damn washing machine!

24. What is the wallpaper on your mobile phone?
It is a picture I took of Chris at the movies on our 1 date (anniversary) since Ro has been born. The only problem is that it pretty much just looks black. I just haven't gotten around to taking another, and it would probably be of my kids.

25. Name twenty five bloggers you read that you’d like to learn twenty five things about.
Anyone reading this? Consider yourself one of the possible 25 readers of my blog. Thanks for playing.


chanale said...

I'm not so much a Disney person, but I've been in love with The Sound of Music since I was a little girl.

VegMomma said...

I totally love that you did this! I've always wanted to be tagged too...