Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vegan La Paz Day 4

I like strawberry!!!
Popsicle faces.
I thought the grill at the restaurant was too funny.

We stayed around the B & B, kind of relaxing after the long day on the water. We swam and played a lot. I made a peanut noodle recipe for dinner (tofu and frozen veggies too) and then we went out with friends to a restaurant, I didn't figure for anything vegan so that is why we ate first. I thought it would still be fun to go though. The waiter brought all the kids maraschino cherries while we were waiting for our food and we ordered some french fries for athena. Athena loved the cherries, but I would never give them to her if we hadn't been on vacation. The mosquitoes gobbled up our ankles, but the kids didn't get any bites. We then walked downtown to get frozen treats. Athena and Chris got strawberry popsicles. They were quite good.

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