Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Catch you later

We are leaving tomorrow for a 5 day trip to Mexico. Wish us luck with our travels, we'll need it with 2 small children in tow, and also wish us good health as we've been struck with bug after bug over here. Now to top it off, it looks like I have thrush. The baby is fine, but Athena may have it, I saw a few white sores in her mouth. And she just had diarrhea, not a good way to start off a trip. Anyway, hopefully the warm air will clear up anything we may have. Her little tummy has been off for a few days now, please let this be the end!


Elaine said...

Oh, I really hope everyone is well for the trip! We have a boat and beach day lined up for Sunday and are working on a few other "events"!

chanale said...

I hope all goes well! I'm sorry to hear about the thrush. :(

Anonymous said...

i hope all got well soon, because a travel being sick is not good.