Friday, October 05, 2007

It's quiet around here, but it wasn't earlier in the week

Athena is spending the night with her Aunt CarCar tonight. It is so quiet around here. It was good timing though because we were getting ready for our garage sale tonight so it gave us more time to focus on that. Plus we had kind of a crazy week.
Athena loves to pick out clothes each day for both herself and her brother. (I'll post the picture later, the computer isn't cooperating right now). She'd pick out mine too if I'd let her. I do let her pick my sock some days and she cracked me up calling from the bedroom, "Mommy, do you want thin ones?". She knows how picky I get with which socks go with which shoes. Athena says a lot of funny things. Her vocabulary astounds us sometimes. Yesterday she asked why Rowan was "flailing". He was in fact, flailing around while he was supposed to be nursing. I just don't think I knew that word when I was 3.
There was an incident at her school on Thurs. where she kicked a younger sibling of a boy at her school, while I was still there. When I talked to her about it after school, (about why it wasn't ok, and how the girl felt, how did she feel, etc.) I asked her if she had ever hit or kicked anyone at school before. She said, "No, I never ever have done that before at school". When I asked why, she said, "Because the teacher said no hitting or kicking". I said, "Well then why do you think you hit and kick when you are with me because I say no hitting or kicking too?" She said, "It's just that I don't HEAR you when you say it." I then told her she NEEDED to hear me, but I have a feeling that isn't going to work. She also told me that when she hits and kicks she doesn't hear anyone. Like when I am yelling STOP. We continue to struggle with this side of her, but she has made big improvements.

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