Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vegan La Paz Day 3

Kayaking on Espirit de Santu with Athena.
Chris and Ro in the perfect water.

On board the boat.
1st ride in dinghy. (Look at that water!)

We took a boat trip to Espirit de Santu. Milton and Susu (the owners of Casa Buena) have been loaned a 40 foot sailboat (although we didn't sail). We left from a beach with 1/4 mile shallow, clear water where they were building a hollywood set for ben stiller movie. I'd never been on a dinghy or sailboat in my entire life. The island was deserted and beautiful. I was able to kayak with Athena and let Rowan enjoy the warm waters with Daddy. He had been fussy on the boat (got sick the night before with a cough/cold and his 1st tooth broke the skin), but he loved the water. Athena loved the beach too, and playing with her friends on the boat. She said she like the little boat best (the dinghy). It was an amazing day and everyone was tired but happy by the end.

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