Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We are back from La Paz, we could see active fires as we descended into Tijuana last night. It is smoky at our house but not as bad as I expected. Around 11:30 we were part of a voluntary evacuation area, but by 12:30 we weren't any longer. I think someone went crazy with the yellow highlighter but then they corrected it. We packed some stuff anyway, just in case. It seems so far off to me, but then I am always the optimist. I guess it is better to be ready, but I still think it is such an off chance it would make it this far.
My aunt from Ramona has been evacuated for a few days now. She was able to get her cats, dogs, and 2 horses, but had to leave one horse behind. She got a call her house was on fire yesterday morning, but shortly after heard news that they had saved her house and that it was only the trees outside her bedroom that had burned. Her horse has been fed by neighbors who didn't leave, but has been breathing all that bad air. My fingers are crossed that her house is in the clear and that she will be able to return tomorrow as the shelter doesn't sound very appealing. She has to stay with her animals at all times so my mom is going to watch them while my aunt goes to shower at my mom's house. One of the horses is having a really hard time in the camp. I hope it recovers from all this. I can see the crows in my neighborhood acting strange, it must be weird for all of the animals.
I promise to post La Paz stuff soon, it was an amazing trip, I'm kind of bummed to be back.


chanale said...

Welcome back! I'm just sorry you had to come home to this mess. :(

My friend's mother lives a few miles from you, and although she is having much trouble breathing (she's asthmatic), she doesn't want to leave because of her chickens and goats.

Jen said...

Welcome back! Sounds like a great trip! Hope your aunt is OK and that you are all well. My parents have been out of their house for 2 nights and don't know the status of their house. We have 10 people living in our house right now....tight.

Anonymous said...

im sorry for the thinks you are living, wishing you the best!