Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vegan La Paz Day 5

View from "the square". I don't know what it is really called, I just heard it referred to as the square.

We went shopping in an open air market for souvenirs and also hit up "the square". I found a few treasures, but didn't go too crazy. It was fun walking around this area as there were more locals and lots to soak in. We went to another restaurant and ordered some guacamole for Athena so she wouldn't feel left out. Unfortunately, it had cheese in it, oops. Athena didn't care for it much anyway when we did give her a little taste we picked out. She was sad that she couldn't have rice. All her friends were dining on quesadillas, beans, and rice and she felt kind of left out. That is the only time on the trip I felt kind of bad for her but I didn't know we were going out to lunch (thought we'd be back at the house) so I was ill prepared. She survived though, and next time I should have just decided to walk around more while everyone was eating. I was hot and tired though and needed the rest. She did eat some garlic crackers and a Z-bar (the snacks I'd packed) so she was happy after that.
We headed back to Casa Buena to have a final swim and start packing for home. I was so sad to go. We had such a wonderful time. It was so nice to have a coparent with me for 5 straight days. I felt much more relaxed and didn't get that tension in my shoulders and neck that I usually do by the end of the day. I look forward to our next family vacation in 2008. I should start planning now!
*I forgot to mention there is actually at least one health food store in La Paz, it was closed when we went though:(. The sign even said a bunch of things including "vegetariana". I really wanted to check it out but we didn't have a car and wouldn't have wanted to drive ourselves there anyway since the roads are a little different than we are used to. Maybe next, in case you were thinking about it, it is possible to be vegan in La Paz, just plan on making most of your own meals, pack some good snacks, and soak in the lovely sun. Here are the circling girls...

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lao80 said...

What a wonderful trip! Every time I see pictures of the water I get jealous.