Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Mayhem

Rowan loved Athena's costume, and thought she was a giant stuffed animal. He kept climbing on her and eating her fur.

I went around like crazy today. Toys r us, then Java Mama for storytime/trick or treating through the village, we drove through La Salsa for lunch because the baby was asleep and I didn't pack lunch and we weren't going home. We took our lunch over to the park and met up with some friends, then headed towards grandma's house. We stopped to buy a birthday present on the way. We got to grandma's around 3 and just played mellowly. I was tired and wanted the kids to nap before everyone showed up, but that never happened so we just kept playing until everyone got there. It was a lot of fun with family and the kids were great. Rowan was fussy because he was tired but he was happy as long as he was with me. Athena had a lollipop and a box of dots and tomorrow will wake up to a new doll that the Halloween fairy left her. I also brought her doll crib back out of the garage. It had been out there for about a month from a day when I kind of freaked out and started taking all of her toys away because she wouldn't stay in her room. That was a funny day. So, I think she is going to be so excited about the doll because it makes some noises like a real baby, or she might be freaked out because she doesn't like some talking toys (ever since we had the talking vacuum that malfunctioned in the night and has traumatized her for a year now). She told me she wanted a real baby, I guess Rowan doesn't count anymore so I need to have 1 more she said. The doll will have to do for now.
Athena and Oli carved the pumpkins at grandma's. They worked hard drawing the faces and helping cut them with knives.

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erika_deanne said...

as if you didn't already know this you have some seriously cute kids; and a really cute niece and nephew!