Sunday, October 07, 2007

Papa's 67!

My FIL turned 67 today. We met up with Chris' bro + fam and MIL/FIL at a place called Zoomars. It is basically a petting zoo so the vegan in me was a little uncomfortable with it, but the kids had a fantastic time. They got to hold bunnies, guinea pigs, feed goats, alpacas, and ride horses. The day started off with my 4 year old nephew getting his fingers crunched in the van door, then 22 mo old nephew got lost for a good few minutes. He had gone really far away so it was pretty scary. The rest of the day went smoothly.

Ro with Uncle Greg on a big pumpkin.
A with cousin baby P on the train.
A with Uncle G, Baby Ro, Baby P, and big boy L.
Athena with "the boys".
Papa's awesome cake made by the fabulous Kim. Let me know if you need an organic and/or vegan cake. She is your woman and a fantastic mom of 2 so it is great to support her work!
The Big G gang. We were pretty hot and tired by this point!

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