Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vegan La Paz Day 2

The tamale shop. Their sign had a "chorizo de soya" listed but I didn't feel up to attempting to ask questions about exact ingredients. Our friends enjoyed some tamales though. I made some bean tacos when we got back, with cut up veggie burger, and salsa verde. Kind of weird sounding but actually it hit the spot.
View from our drive home from the desert.
The end of a hike in the desert. It was a mostly dry riverbed. We didn't hike too far but it was fun for the kids. We saw a bunch of cows on the drive and on the hike, but no goats even though there were goat tracks.
Enjoying the shade on the hike, it was hot.
My little hiker.
We saw thousands of these toads on the hike.
Ro in the ergo, loving the straps to my hat!
The dry river bed.
Afternoon nap.
Getting ready for bed in our room.
Moms night out on the Malecon. Rowan came too since I didn't pack bottles and express milk. We walked around a bit downtown and ended up in cafe sipping frappe jamaica (it was like a jamaica slushy), or at least that it what I had. I was surprised again to see "leche de soya" as an option with your drinks. We spent the evening talking about our kids and were home by 11, I know boring.

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