Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cousins and 2nd cousins

These are the new crop of cousins. (L-R) Jaden was born Oct. 2006, Rowan Mar. 2007, and Dante Oct. 2006. Jaden and Dante are just 2 days apart, just like Athena and her cousin Olivet. We like to do things together in this family! They are all so adorable and all have a shade of blue eyes (a big surprise for me since my DH and I are so dark!) Jaden is my cousin's son, and Dante is my nephew (bro/SIL's kid). We haven't had them all together I don't think until today. It was a special day, visiting Great Grandma and ALL the great grandkids were there!

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Diana Montes said...

Very cute.
I like that Allison and my sons are only one week apart. It is nice having someone close with a child the same age. Even though this is her second kid we compare notes. Ansel seems to have very blue eyes too and J and I have brown. J's grandma passed the blue gene and my mom passed on a blue gene. Pretty cool stuff.