Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I took the kids to JC Penney's for portraits today. A family friend works there now so she gave us an extra long session. Let me just start by saying if you think this sounds fun, you'd be very wrong. Ok, well the cute pictures of my kids made it worthwhile, but it was downright exhausting. Ro was being so very curious and Mr. "smiles all the time", wasn't really feeling it. Surprisingly the photographer captured some pretty awesome shots. My sister in law told me it only gets worse since she has a walking toddler now (more like running from what I heard). Anyway, it was fun and exhausting, but so much more fun when I just had one child. We did it though, and I am glad. I'll share photos when I have them but I did snap a few of my kids myself today.


Luci said...

What cute pics! I did the penny's photo thing when elise was 6 months and it was hard THEN! lol!
This year I thought I would get away easier by doing them myself and, let me tell you...not easier. But they got done. Barely!

Anonymous said...

they are truly cutes!!!