Friday, December 14, 2007

Rowan is 9 months

Look how much he has grown! This was on his birthday.

Ro turned 9 months yesterday so I will tell you 9 things about him.
1. He just got his 6th tooth.
2. He is a FAST crawler.
3. He loves to stand up and can do so without holding on for a few seconds now.
4. He is very easy to get to smile and laugh. Just make a face or say boo a few times.
5. He is starting to like food but has a very strong gag reflex. He wants to eat real food but can't really chew it enough not to gag. We keep trying though since he is very demanding. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.
6. He says "Hi Da" when Chris gets home from work, well it is more like "Hah, Dah, dah, dah". We are pretty sure he says hi and dad though I'll admit I can't say for certain.
7. He waves bye bye to Athena when we drop her off at school.
8. He loves to dance and sing.
9. He is the most adorable, curious, loving little boy I know.

He has also not slept very well for about, um, 9 days or so. Now that the tooth is through and the cough is hopefully subsiding, we should return to our regular nights, I sure hope so because veganmomma is tired.


Luci said...

happy 9 months, little Chris! I'm glad you all had a good night's rest last night. Elise took a 3 hour nap today and it'll be an early night for us, too! Wish us luck!

lao80 said...

I hope everyone is feeling better at your house. Did you manage to avoid the stomach bug?

Ramsey seems to be recovering. Isaac is a tad stuffy nosed but it just doesn't seem like it'll progress much further.

I'll be at pickup tomorrow, maybe we'll run into you. I'm still hoping to pawn the kids off on someone (cough mom cough) so that I come alone.

BTW There is a drawing for a copy of edbv over on Dreen Burtons blog. The link is in my list. I think is vive le vegan.