Sunday, December 30, 2007

Winter garden, food stuff, kid stuff

A rare photo of me with the kids.
The chard that won't die. I thought we pulled up all the veggies in August, but this chard just never dies. It is gigantic! I think it is pretty, so I'm just going to keep watching it and see what it does.
We also still have pumpkins growing. They are barely surviving, but Athena still enjoys checking on them and I like looking at them.
Chris made Energy cookies from Vive Le Vegan. He tweaked the recipe quite a bit, but they turned out well. I like to think of them as energy bars, and then you won't be disappointed. If you are expecting a cookie, then it most likely will be a let down.
I'm still on a waffle kick and made some killer blueberry ones on Saturday. I like to use a combo of soy and hemp milk because otherwise I can't palate the hemp milk at all! Mmm.
Rowan can actually ride this little bike now, he looks like such a big boy.
Athena made a "feast" for her "kids" last night. She really goes all out.
Athena made herself a comfy bed out of her dress up clothes bench/box. Her baby had it's own little spot too, complete with pillow. A good little cosleeper.
Athena has been loving to play with this barn that was actually for Rowan. She plays with it everyday and insists that the fence pieces go vertically. It works but is driving me crazy because I can't think outside of my little box.

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Diana Montes said...

You look great! The kids are adorable. The kids look like each other a lot but don't look like either one of you more than the other. That is they look like a mix of you both.
Are you all healthy now? We seem to have a mild cold floating around here. J is snorting as is A. I just have a sore throat. All the family is gone so we can rest now. Happy New Year!