Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Food pictures and I don't really agree with each other, but I decided to post a few anyway just so you'd know what I've been up to.

The lemon garlic pasta from EDBV is my favorite. I like to double the sauce recipe and pour 1/2 of it onto some seitan and broccoli and let it sizzle until all the sauce is absorbed and the seitan starts to brown. MMM, good. Athena likes it too which is always a plus.
I've never made crepes, and have no memories of ever having crepes, so this was my first experience. I like them a lot and will continue to work on my art. They were easy and rewarding because I always thought they sounded so "special" and they were actually easier than pancakes because they didn't stick at all. Athena liked hers with cinnamon and sugar and I spread some strawberry fruit spread on mine. They are from VWAV.
Sometimes Athena doesn't want to eat vegetables so I have to come up with interesting ideas. This was a cucumber sandwich with hummus and pretzels inside. She loved them.
And finally...the super charge me cookies from EDBV! Can't wait to make these again. They are great and healthier than most cookies so I don't mind sharing them with Athena other than the fact that I wanted to eat them all myself!

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Michelle said...

i've only ever made crepes once, and i sure need practice! mine were too thick