Friday, January 25, 2008

What's been cooking?

The Sweet and Sour tempeh from EDBV, it was delicious! I also made the coconut lime rice which you can't see!
Crazy pizza night. I made the crust in my bread machine using whole wheat pastry flour and cornmeal and it turned out OK, kind of different, but I liked it in a weird way. On top is some organic pasta sauce and some sizzling veggies with my usual olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dash of maple syrup blend.
Athena made her own pizza sans veggies.
Ginger muffins from The Joy of Vegan Baking. I really liked how these turned out even though I didn't really follow the recipe. I realized that I am like a mad scientist sometimes, I cook so spastically that I am surprised anything ever turns out. Like these for example. I hardly measure things, just kind of eyeball it, but most of the time everything is still ok. I sprinkled cinnamon on top of the big muffins and chocolate sprinkles (Let's Do Organic!) on the kids sized ones. Athena called them cupcakes that way.
Rowan chowed on some chard from my friend Lisa's garden this week. He seems to eat anything and everything right now. You should have seen his little mouth tonight as I scarfed some Neopolitan SoDelicous right in front of him. He was smacking his lips and opening his mouth as I carried the spoon to my mouth, right in sync with me. I felt SO bad for him so I gave him his own banana to smash and smear everywhere, he seemed happy with that.
MMM, pureed steamed chard, it actually wasn't bad. I usually eat his leftovers because I refuse to feed him food that I won't eat!
I also made the peanut butter passion sauce from EDBV last night and it was a hit with Athena. It tasted better as a dip to me as when mixed with some noodles, it tasted a little more bland. A dash of red chili sauce was all it needed though, I think I'd make this one again as the peanut sauce was good for kids since it wasn't too spicy or gingery or garlicky. This weekend I want to make the chocolate brownie waffles from Veganomicon, I'll keep you posted.


Luci said...

I loved the ginger muffins, by the way! yum!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That pizza is loaded with stuff. It must have been delicious.

I've been wanting to try the brownie waffles from V-con, but haven't had the time. They're definitely a weekend breakfast option. =)

Isil Simsek said...

"I usually eat his leftovers because
I refuse to feed him food that I won't eat!"
Me, too.I always give DD food that might be eaten by anyone.Just because they are babies, their food doesn't have to be nonsense.