Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wild Mountain Dinner

Squash mountains(pumpkin with fresh herbs) with trees and rocky ravine (beans).
Pine cones and raspberry leaves with wild berry spread.
Golden beet sunshine.
Acorn mush with dried berries.
My mother in law treated us to a tasty dinner Friday night. She is getting ready to make her very own cookbook (based on native type foods to our area). We really enjoyed it and everything tasted delicious and fresh. I even tried 2 things for the first time, elderberries and chia. Chia has a similar nutritional makeup to flax seed, but it doesn't have to be ground to access the nutrients. Pretty cool! Plus, we got to watch a movie on their new 40" LCD TV, a real treat since we don't have a TV! We do watch stuff on our computer, but Athena really liked their "big" TV. It was a super fun night and we can't wait to try out more of Nana's recipes.
I have more to post about some of what I've been cooking...but maybe another day, let's just say though that the Super Charge Me cookies from EDBV are my new favorite!!!

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VegMomma said...

My hubby loooooves elderberries!
The food looks great, and it's so neat that your mil is writing a cookbook! My mil has toyed with the idea of writing a vegetarian one. Neat!