Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Park Save and Well Baby Check

Today I was so proud of Rowan. He was climbing all over the play structure and is getting so fast at scaling the stairs. Well, the regular stairs are pretty low so easy to climb. Then he crawls across the platform to the bridge, across the bridge and to another platform with a high step to get to the slide. I didn't think he'd climb the step, and then he did and I got all proud and was telling a friend, "Look, Rowan can already climb this big step..." "ah" I looked and Rowan was sliding head first on his tummy down the slide. I jumped and grabbed his ankles, therefore saving his life (good thing I have long arms)! It was a foot drop into some pretty cushy sand, so yeah, he probably wouldn't have sustained any life threatening injuries, but there was a possibility of head or neck trauma and a guaranteed face full of sand. So, yeah, I totally saved his life and a bunch of moms I didn't even know were cheering for me.
After our park adventure we headed for the Dr.'s office for Rowan's well baby visit. Everything went great. He is 22.7 lbs, 31 inches, with a 19 inch head (70th%ile, 97%ile, 97%ile). He had his iron checked too and it was fine. Yay for Rowan. He didn't even flinch when he got pricked for the iron test. Athena was worried when I told her what he was going to do and she started to ask me a lot of questions, but it was over so fast she didn't have to worry long. And she thought it was cool he got a silver sparkly band aid.
After the Dr.'s appt, we went to grocery shop. I'm always wondering if we spend way more than most people on groceries. We buy all organic, and lately I've been spending about $150 a week on food. Ok, well I spent like $15 on seaweed alone because they are always out and so we stocked up! And then I bought a $10 bottle of echinacea/astragalus to try with Rowan since he is always getting sick. Anyway, I know in college I spent like $50 a month on food, but I ate out all the time and have know idea what I spent on that!!! We've been eating well too so I'm not complaining, just curious if we are crazy eaters over here. Oh wait, those who know us well, know that we are crazy eaters, heck I remember my best friend commenting that the only time she saw chris and I fight was over food!


VegMomma said...

Oooh, I've had many of those heart-pounding baby-almost-falls-on-his-head moments. Yikes. But good on you for your fast reflexes!
And it sounds like you're doing a great feeding job! I'm definitely more selective the second time around as well. Teague will eat the greens now, but I doubt it will last... Quinn won't go near anything leafy (except for very very rare occasions), and usually stays away from green vegetables in general. Sigh. Sometimes I'll give him a smoothie with some kale thrown in, just so I win some sneaky mom points. ;)

veganmomma said...

Glad to know I'm not doing anything "wrong" since Athena stays away from greens too. I love to sneak things in though! The kale is a good one, I used to be able to put it in her hummus but then she wizened up to that:( Pesto is great though, she never suspects.

Veg-a-Nut said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job shopping. I have a friend who still has children at home, ours are grown and gone, and she spends close to 300 or more every weeks. I know she does like to buy organic, but the kids win out and she buys quick freezer convience meals more often than not. They are meat eaters too. I keep giving her pep talks and she loves to eat my different dishes, but still little change. sorry got on my soap box. My daughter made her husband a green smoothie today and he drank the whole thing and loved it. Although it was green the sweetness of the fruit won him over. OH, she made it with spinach. Maybe Athena would enjoy it.