Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's back

Here are some photos from the summer that you've been missing out on. We never found the camera cord, but Chris bought a cheap card reader and now we are back in action.
The feeling I got when I took this picture was hard to describe. I just love when my kids are loving and happy towards each other. This was one of those moments where Athena went and helped Rowan off something that was too high for him, and then they came strolling back to me hand in hand.
My brother went all grill crazy at a family BBQ at my Mom's house. I don't think I've been as full as I was that night since. It was a lot of fun.
BBQ/Pool party at Grandma's. Athena and her cousin love their matching "Ariel" cover ups.
Self face painting. Do you think she liked the results?
Every year, Athena's school asks for a family portrait to hang up in the classroom, and each year it is the same story. We don't have any! So, as a family tradition, we took one of ourselves and had it ready for the first day of school.

Remember, Rowan got his first haircut!? He looks like such a little boy now.
Athena often works with Rowan on the art of baby wearing. I'm pretty certain that Athena will make sure Rowan is a good Dad when he grows up since she is always encouraging him to play his part. "You are such a good Daddy!" she'll exclaim. Or he'll walk up and grab her baby stroller out of her hands and she'll say, "Oh, you want to take the babies for a walk." She is such a good sister.

More to come, but that should do for now.


knrush said...

I love the retrospective! Great family shot.

marlene said...

athena and rowan so have chris's nose!

Lisa said...

Ro's haircut is soooo cute! Looking at your pics makes me want to have another one! We miss you guys.

Kary said...

awww your babies are so adorable! :-)

i want to be such a good vegan mom as you my future =D

btw: i just have created my blog, so take a look, tell people and leave some comments :-)