Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Screaming

Rowan screams a lot these days. I finally realized why it seems he screams sooooo much more then Athena ever did. It is because he is the little brother. He has to share EVERYTHING, and that is really hard for a toddler. Athena got to play with all her toys all the time, and never had someone bigger than her frequently scrambling for her favorite toys. Athena is really good about sharing with Rowan, but he is NOT good at all about sharing with her. He even screams at her if she tries to hold my hand or sit on my lap. It kind of makes me laugh when I think about it but it actually can get pretty frustrating. So yeah, he is a screamer, but he is learning new words every day. Here are some of my favorites:
  • "gahguh" - goggles
  • "mmuhmmuh" - mixer (as in cement)
  • "buhbode" - skateboard (I just heard him calling this word out in his sleep while napping, referring to his new skateboard.) He has been envious of his cousin's skateboard for awhile so we finally picked one up for him at target. I don't think you could even find a used one cheaper then $7.99.
  • "rella" - any princess (yes, the disney types, it is really cute but kind of a little gross that my 18 month old recognizes these!)
  • "buck lll" - buckle
  • "I dooo!" - as in the answer to "who wants just about anything?"
  • "breetoe" - burrito
  • "mana" - banana
While we are at it, some of my favorite Athena words of the week are:

  • Painful - she used this word to describe her "hardest fall" in her soccer game. She had a lot of falls but she never cried. She was way more into her game this weekend.
  • Lopsided - this word was used to describe the heart she drew. She was trying to learn how to draw a heart.
  • Baddest - we took her to dinner at the vegan zone last night and she said, "I thought this dinner was going to be the baddest ever, but it was actually the gooddest!"

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marlene said...

breetoe! mar wants a breetoe.