Monday, September 08, 2008

So much to blog about

I have so much to blog about but the missing camera cord has me in a rut. Over the weekend, Athena had her 1st soccer game of the season. I have pictures but no way of putting them on the computer for now, so just imagine a group of 4 and 5 year olds in neon orange uniforms that are 3 sizes to big, running around chasing a ball, lots of arms around each other (that would be Athena and her cousin who is playing on the same team), really hot weather, Rowan running in the dirt with his own ball having a blast, well, you get the pictures. It was really fun. Athena didn't seem that into it, and yet she was having a great time. She would always come off the field happy and did what she listened well, but she really observed most of the game. She said she loves the games which is funny because last year she liked practices more.

This week both my babies started school. Rowan and I are taking a parent participation class for 1-2 year olds and we had a great time. He was really attentive to the songs and story, and loved exploring the classroom and playing on the playground. He was exhausted after the first day and unfortunately I had a meeting at Athena's school with her new teacher directly after. I barely made it through the 20 minute conference with Ro's tantrums, but I left feeling really good about the new year for Athena. Her teacher seemed liked a good match for Athena.

Today was the official first day of school and it went great. Athena seems so much older this year, so much more READY for school. I don't know how to explain it, but she just seemed so confident walking into a brand new room. She wasn't hiding behind me, but engaged herself right away in the classroom. She even answered her teacher's question right away, which usually takes her awhile to do, especially when I'm there for her to hide behind. I left feeling totally confident that Athena was in good hands, and that she was going to have a great time at school. When I picked her up, she was in good spirits and she told me all about the day. She told me that some kids were doing dangerous things on the playground so her teacher wrote them down when they had a meeting. (She reported a boy was crashing into her on his bike). Hmm, what else did she tell me, oh yeah, and at snack there were little signs telling them how many crackers to take. I thought that was cool but it made me feel bad that she couldn't participate because I pack her her own vegan snack. She said it was fine though, really. She said the girls had to talk to the teacher about something, that there was only 1 princess dress and that her teacher was going to have to buy some more. It was funny what she remembered from the day, and she learned a new song or two. She was super up beat about everything, nothing phased her. She also had a ballet class today which I'm not sure how we feel about it. She said it felt like there was a lot to do. I didn't get to watch much of it because Ro was having a real hard time so I had to stay outside the room. When I asked the teacher how she did she replied, "Oh, great, she's definitely ready for this class but she has a lot to learn!" Hmm, how does a mother interpret that. For some reason I have a feeling Athena wasn't listening very well, but maybe I'm wrong. Next week I may try to leave Rowan home with Chris so that I can watch and see if the class is worth our money. Athena said she'll try it 5 more times and if she still doesn't like it much, then she'll stop going. That made me laugh.

So, the summer seems to be behind us, although we did have our last hoorah last night at the beach. My sister and her BF were camping there so we headed up for an evening of surfing (the Dads), playing, BBQing, and good company. The kids had a blast and were both asleep on the way home. I guess that is enough updating for now. I really hope I find my camera cord soon, it is killing me, or I guess maybe I should look on the sony site and find out how much a replacement cord is going to cost me. Wish me luck! G'night!

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sound like life is good, its good to hear from you.