Thursday, September 18, 2008

Party Crashers

The kids and I crashed a party at the park today. Some friends, and Athena's cousins were having a party with their home school group right down the street from us. I knew a few of the people already, which is always nice when you are crashing an event. It was a super fun day for everyone. The kids got to do some crafts such as making necklaces and painting their faces (that was probably Athena's favorite as she got to paint her own face). There were capes to be worn and ice cream to be, the ice cream. Not just any old ice cream my friends. It was some of the best raw vegan ice cream around. If you haven't had Tomberlies before, then you are really missing out. This stuff is fantastic, made with quality ingredients, and made by some really cool people (the mama behind this stuff is part of the group). I had tried a handful of flavors before today, but now I could review just about all of them. The Orange Cremecicle surprised me as my #1 pick, with close runner ups being chocolate and strawberry. Please, go out and try some for yourself, you won't be disappointed.
Athena is really curious about homeschooling. I was worried she'd beg to be homeschooled, once she knew that it was an option, but so far she hasn't mentioned it. I told her that she does homeschool on the days she doesn't go to school, which is the truth. Sometimes homeschooling sounds appealing to me, but I talk myself out of it for a number of reasons. I'm still planning on sending Athena to school, but not a traditional school as she isn't really a traditional kind of kid. I'm glad I don't have to figure this all out for another year or so.


lao80 said...

Invite that person to our ice cream party or beg for product.

LisaBella said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Tomberlies - I have an ice cream lover and this is perfect!!!