Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Picky kid's Potatoes

Tonight I made breakfast for dinner. Nothing sounded good to me at all so I just decided to follow my cravings which were for potatoes. Then I had to think of what went well with that, other than veggie burgers (because I didn't want to make them) and pancakes came to mind. The pancakes were wholewheat/buckwheat with bananas and blueberries, mmmm, everyone loved those. For the potatoes, I wanted to try something to get Athena to eat some greens. I think I tried this before and she didn't go for it, but this time it worked! I cooked 7 red potatoes in coconut oil, and then added about 2 cups of spinach that I pureed in the food processor. Athena immediately questioned their color upon inspection, "Why are they green," she asked. "Why don't you taste them and see if you can figure it out," I replied. "Mmm, I can't taste the green at all when I dip them in ketchup!" Athena exclaimed. "So, do you want to know the secret are eating spinach!" I was tempted to lie, worried that if she knew it was spinach, she might change her mind, but she was OK with it and just continued to gobble up at least 2 potatoes worth, plus pancakes galore. Have I mentioned our food consumption has reached epoch proportions lately? The 4 of us have really been going through a lot of food. I wonder what it will be like when they kids are older and have even bigger appetites?!! Anyway, just thought I'd share about the potatoes. They were really tasty. I'm well aware there are other picky kids out there who wouldn't touch these green potatoes with a 10 foot pole, but you never know unless you try. I was pretty sure Athena wouldn't go for them, and she really surprised me.

On a totally unrelated note, Rowan started singing recognizable songs today. It is so cute to hear his little sing songy voice. He was holding his "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" book and singing it just like they do in his parent participation class. He also has been begging to watch this fire truck song on you tube. He says, "hotsa, hotsa", which means "lots of, lots of", as in "lots and lots of fire trucks." It is pretty catchy.

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Stephanie M. said...

LOL, Henry used to watch that very same You Tube clip!