Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Veganmomma and family will be moving this weekend. I'm excited, although not overly since it isn't exactly what we had planned. If you remember, we sold our house back in August and moved into temporary housing, a condo near chris' work. We planned to continue looking for the right house to buy but that never panned out, so five months later we are headed to a new house, but still renting. I am so happy we will have more space, a small yard, and no downstairs neighbors! We told Athena she can jump all she wants now and she can't wait to play the "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" song when we get there. Moving is always stressful, but I think it will be a little better this time. We have all of our stuff spread over three different areas and will be collecting it back into our new house. Hopefully we will do some purging as living in the condo we've lived with a lot less "stuff". I have missed some things that I didn't even think I would like my waffle maker which is hiding out in storage. I haven't missed the piles and piles of miscellaneous toys at all though so hopefully we can find some good homes for some of these. I hope I will stop hanging on to so much stuff that I no longer need or use, just because I like it or think it had some meaning for me at sometime. So that is my update for now. Tomorrow night will be our last night here and there are a few things I will miss about this place:

  • the pool in the summer
  • walking to whole foods, trader joes, playground, and shopping mall
  • walking to daddy's work (and chris being able to walk home for lunch)
  • granite counter tops (these always look clean!)
My list of what I won't miss is much larger so here are a few examples:
  • walking through the parking lot and up the stairs to get to our front door (with a sleeping 30 pound toddler who I am praying won't wake up)
  • walking down the stairs and through the parking lot to take out trash and recycling
  • having downstairs neighbors
  • people shushing us on a weekend morning while we walk through the complex to get our mail
  • having a gate to enter our property
  • not having a yard for the kids
  • feeling cramped for space
  • having a crappy washing machine
My next post will be from our new home...we even set up the internet already so we wouldn't have to wait like the last move. I know, we are pathetic!

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