Sunday, January 25, 2009

We are here

We are here in our new house, making our way through the boxes. We are exhausted, but everything went about as smoothly as it could. The rain on moving day, sick toddlers, etc., no, really all in all it is going well.
I made my first batch of muffins tonight, signifying this is place is now "home".
The kids are thrilled to have space to run around, and a yard/patio to play and ride their bikes. Athena has been riding so much! It is good to see her enjoying so much time outside without me having to head to a playground or trail to hike. Rowan has been sick, but he has been loving it too. I'm hoping he wakes up as good as new in the morning as he has an ear infection:(
This house is almost twice as big as our old house that we sold in August so we have plenty of room just about everywhere (except the kitchen which I've already overfilled with my stuff). We have 3 bedrooms. Athena really wanted her own room, so she has one room, Ro has a room that is also the office, and then we have our room which is where everyone sleeps. Everyone seems happy with this arrangement for now, so I think we will stick with it.
There is so much to tell, let's see. My (our) new refrigerator is awesome. Chris found it 1/2 price at the Sears outlet. I'm in love. We also have a new washer/dryer which is super nice. Our washer at the condo didn't seem to get our clothes very clean at all so I'm happy to have our very own again. This house is COLD. I'm freezing unless I'm under a blanket. We've cranked the heater so now it is better but while living in the condo we NEVER had to run the heat, and I rarely felt cold, definitely not this cold.
The neighborhood is nice. We actually had a neighbor come by yesterday we a letter to us telling us about the party they were having tonight to celebrate their 21st birthdays and had their cell phones listed to call them if things got to noisy. They were super friendly, and I just don't think at age 21 that I would have done that, although I do remember inviting the upstairs neighbors once.
Our neighbors across the street also came over to introduce themselves. They have a boy just one month younger than Ro, so maybe he'll have a playmate. An observation, there are lots of nannies in the area, I guess that I'd have to work too if we wanted to buy in this neighborhood so that makes sense. Anyway, I'm really tired, probably not making much sense since I was up all night with Rowan last night, ear infections are the worst!


Jeni Treehugger said...

Glad the move went well. It sounds like you're all going to be very happy there.

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog, and I have vegan children too. I also know how you feel, we moved a few years ago and it was so tiring. Make sure you get some sleep :)

DJ said...

Good luck in your new home!

lucie Treue said...

Ah that is a nice family you have here.
That is a very nice education you are giving to your kids, you should keep on blogging and show to all that begin vegies isn´t an handicap but also a healthy lifestyle!
good luck in you r new neighborhood, cheers!!!!!

Eileen said...

The house sounds nice! Glad you made it through the move.

Sabrina said...

Congrats on the new home. Sounds like a lovely neighborhood. Hopefully we can come play soon :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the move roommate! i hope ya'll like the new place.