Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ro loves to read

Ro loves to read books. It is so much fun to see how much he remembers from each book and which ones he loves to read over and over again. This is him helping me read one of his favorites called "Truck Talk". Both the kids love it, Athena has it memorized. Some of his other favorites are "Farting Dog!" (Walter the Farting Dog), "Dig man" (Digger Man), and many of Athena's little reading books. He loves all of his truck, fire engine, and train books and has quite a few that we cycle through. I love the way he talks. Some of my favorite words of his right now are "cool bus"=school bus, "cor cor oy"=corduroy, "got be McQueen"=gotta be clean. The list goes on and on and they just make me laugh!


MerryMakers said...

It was fun to read your recent blog entry that included Walter the Farting Dog.

We make a Walter doll and, yes, he does include a special sound every time you squeeze him.

Link to the Walter doll: http://www.merrymakersinc.com/prod_walter_the_farting_dog.html

Our company site: http://www.merrymakersinc.com

Thought you might enjoy it!

DJ said...

I love it when my little boy says 'tri-yay-yangle', 'crisps-pss-pss' and he calls his favourite teddy - Spencer Bear - 'Penser'. So cute I could die!

Wild Mountain, Coast and Desert Cook Books said...

wow, Ro...that's a lot of words!