Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still Loving It

The kids are still loving the new house. Every morning as soon as they wake up, they like to go out and ride bikes. It is fine by me as it gives me time to get breakfast ready, etc. Our landlords live next door and brought us a nice house warming present with bread, tangerines, and stuffed animal horses for the kids. It really is weird to have such friendly people around. The weather finally warmed up and the house doesn't seem so cold. I am very happy about that as I was worried what the SDG&E bill was going to be.

The latest with the kids...Rowan is learning all sorts of new phrases that he surprises us with. Last night after dinner Athena kept asking me for a banana and Rowan busted out, "Not right now!" That was pretty funny. Today when I told him it was time to leave a friend's house he said, "One more minute!" He really is a funny one, and he did wake up feeling better Monday morning after he started taking medicine for his ear infection. He is also working on his 2 year old molars, so far only one has poked through, thus more restless nights in my future.

Athena is getting so mature. She had her first sleep over with her cousin over the weekend. She was so happy and can't wait to do it again. Today she played at a friend's house from her school. I realized it was her first "playdate" without me around. She can't wait to do that again too! She is enjoying her school and does lots of art every day. She isn't making 20 bracelets a day anymore, but is now writing lots of letters to her friends. She loves to paint and draw at home as well. Athena is also ALWAYS hungry these days. It is driving me insane, but I have an approach to it that seems to work out OK.


DJ said...

My daughter Megan is always hungry at the mo' as well, at first I was a bit annoyed - what, aren't I feeding you properly?! - but when she went up two shoe sizes in a couple of weeks, I realised it was all due to a MASSIVE growth spurt!!!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Great to know the kids are happy and enjoying it there.
Happy kids = happy mom and dad.


Jen said...

Athena sounds like Hannah with all the drawing and writing letters. :)

veganmomma said...

I'm sure athena and hannah could have a lot fun drawing/writing together!
You just might be onto something. She is even eating foods that she wouldn't touch just a month or 2 ago. We just went out for Indian food and she was gobbling up some pretty spicy stuff!