Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 stories

#1 Athena

In the car driving home:

"Mom, when I grow up I'm going to have 14 babies, and 14 kids. Then I'll get 14 moms to help me, and 14 dads. And we'll have LOTS of cars. 24 bugs, 24 priuses, and 24 honda civics. Not 4 Mom, 24! That will be a lot of marrying, or maybe we could all get married at the same time! Ha ha ha!"

#2 Rowan

He has begun to go to sleep on his own at night (as in not nursing to sleep or getting walked/rocked to sleep). Tonight he wanted to bring a baby in to sleep with him since Athena was bringing in a stuffed polar bear. He calls it his "may-mee". It is so cute. He was rolling all over the bed trying to get comfortable and get his last wiggles out and then he would randomly remember the doll and ask for "may-mee". Once I gave it to him, he'd settle back down and cuddle with it. Too adorable. He really likes to push his "may-mee" in the stroller and feed it too!

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