Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Wrap Up

Chris ended up working most of the day so the kids and I had a regular day. We took it slow in the morning and headed to our neighborhood park for awhile. They had a great time at the park, the weather was just perfect. We came home, ate lunch, and Rowan napped. I couldn't help but fall asleep too, I was sooooooo sleepy. When Rowan woke up, Chris was finishing up his work so we decided to head out for some dinner. We tried out the new "Nature's Express" and it was good. The drive thru menu is almost identical to the Kung Foods drive through which isn't a bad thing in my opinion. We dined on greasy burgers, fries, chicken tenders, and a chocolate milk shake, all vegan and organic of course. The kids sampled the pumpkin soft serve too! FYI, you aren't supposed to eat the drive thru food in the restaurant as it violates their health code or something, but they let us anyway. Inside they serve a buffet where you now pay by the plate, instead of the pound. $6.95 for a small plate and $9.95 for a big plate, plus the plates can't be piled higher than 2 inches. After dinner, we headed to balboa park and took a short tram ride just for fun. Finally, we cruised around the Old Globe and enjoyed their sparkling tree.

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