Sunday, November 16, 2008

weekend ending

The weekend is almost over, and it was a pretty nice one. With weather in the upper 80's, it was just like any other summer day. Saturday I played with the kids while Chris made a tasty breakfast of pancakes and home fries. Then I crawled back in bed and read for an hour or so while he tried to keep the kids away. They kept checking on me but since I looked pretty boring just lying in bed, they didn't really bother me. Then it was off to Athena's soccer game. It was HOT at the game and the kids weren't that into it. She was having fun, but you could tell that all of the kids we ready for the game to be over when it did. After that, it was home again, Chris took Athena for a swim while Rowan (and I) napped. I'm a cat napper so I was back up in 20 minutes and reading again. We cruised down into Rose Canyon to look for trains but didn't see any. The kids had fun playing the dirt at least. Then it got dark so we headed home for dinner. We made plans to ride bikes in the morning to get smoothies. So at 8:30 this morning, the kids took off on their bikes with Chris and I right behind (not riding though), and headed for Jamba Juice. Athena did great on the ride, Rowan petered out on the way back but then got pumped up when he got to "ride" Athena's bike and we made it home without anybody melting down. Then Chris took Rowan to the beach while Athena and I stayed behind to be mellow. She played quietly with her dolls and polar bear while I read some more (oh, in case you were wondering, I was reading "My Sister's Keeper" and wanted to get it done before book club on Friday, i can check that one off my list now). I put Ro for a nap and headed over to Brides by Demetrios to watch my sister pick out her wedding dress. She had already narrowed it down to 2 when I arrived so it was really pretty easy just helping her decide which one we liked best. She picked a beautiful dress and I'm so excited to see her in it. She'll be tying the knot in July 2009. After we chatted about some wedding plans, I made a quick stop at Costco, and then made it home in time for us to head for the pool. The pool was refreshing and made us hungry so we took off for Pokez for some greasy yummy Mexican food. It was so funny when I told Rowan, "You want to go to Pokez?" He responded with, "Ouchie." I had to explain to him that I was talking about a place to eat, not a place where we'd go see a bunch of pokey things. When we arrived at Pokez, I announced it again and he said ouchie again. It kept making me laugh. The kids are both asleep now, and it is before 8:30 so that is pretty nice too. It was a great weekend, I'm sad it is over, but tomorrow is Monday and I like taking Rowan to his parent participation class even though I'm pretty tired by the end. He loves it, which makes me happy.

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