Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Favorite part of the day today

My favorite part of the day today was in the afternoon. Both of the kids brought their doll strollers with dolls on a walk around the complex. They walked so far, even Rowan! We stopped and had a snack at the picnic tables and watched the people playing tennis. I have been making an effort to take the kids outside, just for a bit, in the afternoon when Rowan wakes up from his nap. With the time change, it is hard to do, but the rest of the evening goes so much better when I do take them out for awhile. Tonight they even let me cook a pretty decent dinner (black bean, kale, and sweet potato enchiladas - then I made some homemade chipotle cashew cream to top it off). They used to go out with Chris when he got home from work, but now it is pitch black and no one feels much like leaving the house after 5 anymore. Once in awhile, we will take an evening walk, but not often.
Tomorrow Athena is back to school after a week off (illness and holiday). Rowan and I have some errands to run.

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