Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Che Cafe

We had dinner at Che Cafe tonight. I would have felt pretty lame about it since we ate out last night (my mother in law invited us to Sipz so of course we couldn't turn it down!:) But, today I made a big lunch for us, the sweet potato, black bean, onion, spinach (kale) mixture that I usually make for my enchiladas. We didn't have time for enchiladas so we just made them into burritos, and boy were they tasty. With chipotle cashew cream and organic salsa, they were one of the best lunches ever. Athena hates that dish so she happily dined on a pb & j with natalie's bread. She LOVED it, and she doesn't usually ask for pb & j, but she said it was her favorite now.
Back to the Che, it was "soul food" night so we hate plates of mac n cheez, red beans, collards, and corn bread. The kids loved the mac and corn bread. When we showed up Athena said, or more like whined, "I DO NOT LIKE THIS RESTAURANT!" We explained to her that they have different food each time we go and that we really thought she'd like it tonight. Now she loves it, partly because we had So Delicious ice cream sandwiches there for dessert I'm sure, but I'm glad she decided it was OK after all. I think last time we went there they had a spicy curry and all she got to eat was rice, so I understand her feelings I guess. She gave tonight's dinner 3 thumbs up, which is one of the highest honors you can get based on her rating system.

This is how Chris gets the kids ready for bed. :)

Rowan is determined to ride this scooter. He calls it a "doo doo", and he loves it more than anything right now. It drives me insane as he can't ride it yet, but he will not give up. I'm glad he has perseverance, but I just wish he would try something a little safer for him. I'm betting by his 2nd birthday he'll be cruising this since he already can do one or 2 pushes without falling over. I'm very impressed as you can probably tell. Poor Athena hardly gets to ride it anymore because he becomes a screaming monster and if I don't make her share it right away, she usually ends up sharing pretty quickly, probably because she doesn't enjoy his screaming any more than I do. We have a 3 wheeled "doo doo" stored over at Nana and Papa's house right now, but even that won't work if the razor is around. If he doesn't have the razor around, he'll give it a try.


Luci said...

Is it my imagination, or is Chris wearing an 'Iron Maiden' t-shirt?? lol
Your burrito stuffing sounds so good, can you pass the recipe my way? I think my kids will love it! thanks!

veganmomma said...

You aren't imagining anything. He has had it forever. His friend made it.
The burritos don't really need a recipe. I precook the a sweet potato (either bake or boil), chop into bite sized pieces, saute an onion, then add the sweet potato, a 1 1/2 cups black beans, cook for as long as you feel needed, throw in some salt and the greens, and you are done. Rowan loves the sweet potatoes in this, I usually use olive oil which helps with the taste. With salsa, avocado, cream or whatever you like, it tastes great.

Iris said...

Yum, that sounds so good. I am going to try it next time we make burritos or enchiladas.