Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I made muffins for Athena's class today. They were having a thanksgiving "feast". They didn't serve any meat which was nice. Her teacher was telling me about a book they read too that she thought I'd like (I'd already checked it out from the library), which was nice. I made pumpkin and banana muffins since I wanted pumpkin but athena wanted banana. I felt pumpkin muffins were more festive. I burned the banana muffins though, so pumpkin it was. I blame the fact that I wasn't baking in my own kitchen on the burning though, since I rarely burn things. The muffins were a big hit, no one knew they were vegan except her teacher who asked me for the recipe. Four year olds don't really think of that I guess. I was worried they weren't going to be liked, but I was relieved to hear that everyone enjoyed them. Athena told me they also ate apples, blueberries, and carrots. She thought it was a great party and brought home a lovely flower pot center piece that she'd made at school. She was so proud of it.


LisaBella said...

Thanks for the book tip! I found a copy :)

Luci said...

Yay! Lola's "fall feast" is tomorrow! She is so excited...I made a huge sweet potato, squash and chickpea soup and 2 loaves of vegan pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Lucky we can bring homemade things from home, though, don't know how I would have done it otherwise. Glad the pumpkin muffins turned out so well!