Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The highlights from today:
  • grocery shopping with Rowan while Athena was at school. I LOVE my co-op, where else can I run into 4 different friends, get free food for my toddler, have a cashier swing my boy up in the air and tickle him while he smiles and giggles? (Rowan was particularly friendly today, engaging just about everyone in the store in a conversation.)
  • Picking Athena up from school and seeing all her creativity at work. She made a cone shaped hat that was covered with "NO BOO" (2 words she knows how to write). I asked her if it said that because Halloween was over and she said, "no, it's to remind the boys to stop scaring us." We both thought it was funny.
  • napping with the kids, yes, both of them!
  • surprising Chris at work to pick him up. The kids rode their bikes, while I jogged along, over to Chris' work this afternoon. They did amazingly well.
  • eating good food. (a raw taco/kale salad combo from the co-op for lunch, "snobby joes" for dinner. Mmm. My refrigerator is full of goodness right now, I even remembered to double the batch of "snobby joes".


knrush said...

And I was worried that you were having a rough day. Tried to call a few times but couldn't get through. Glad that everyone is feeling well.

Stephanie M. said...

you are my idol. seriously.