Sunday, August 19, 2007

Athena's Soccer, Daddy's Run

Athena had her 1st soccer practice today. It was cute. As long as they keep it fun, I think she'll like it and I'll be glad she is getting to run around a lot. She did pretty well, but gets nervous when it is her turn to do stuff or doesn't exactly listen. She had FUN though, so we loved to see her out there. The tiny kids in their gear crack me up anyway. Oh, and I am an assistant coach. I didn't really want to coach her team yet, but they needed help and knew I had experience so I couldn't argue.

And here is Chris finishing his first 1/2 marathon this morning. It was 80 degrees with 80 % humidity so he is just happy to have finished. His time wasn't what he expected but we were still proud of him! He even gave us a smile for the picture. He made his own "sports drink" and ate some dates to keep him going. Go Team Vegan! ( he is not the Marine)

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