Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Raw Walnut Hemp burgers (almost)

I made my a super easy and delicious raw burger recipe tonight. It was from the Thrive Diet book that Chris just got. He is super into this guy, a vegan ironman triathlete. The book has some good whole foods recipes and is encouraging me to try some new things since I tend to stick to my same old favorites. We ate them on buns though, as I just am not ready to have an entirely raw dinner. I know it would be good for me sometimes, but I just love bread. It was good too because you throw it in the food processor and it becomes like a pate almost. I was able to spread about a tablespoon onto Athena's bun with her avocado and ketchup and she gobbled it all up. She would not have eaten it if it had been more obvious, so I liked the spread factor. I can't wait to try more of these recipes and hopefully start eating a little better over here.


chanale said...

What did the recipe want to use in place of a bun? Lettuce?

The city library system doesn't have a single copy. Could you possibly send me the recipe?

veganmomma said...

He recommends just serving them with a salad, and says "or you can put it on a whole wheat bun". The book isn't entirely raw but a lot of raw stuff. oh, and it was hard to get, chris had to order it from canada i think.

veganmomma said...

oh, and what is your email address, I'll send you the recipe!