Friday, August 17, 2007

Ro sits up

Rowan has started sitting up a little now. He can sit for a few minutes sometimes before he spazzes too much and falls backwards, sideways, or forward! He likes his new talent and enjoys the different perspective. We even put him in the high chair at dinner tonight. I had to hold on to him with one hand because there were no straps on the chair, but he liked it and it allowed us all to eat for awhile without him grabbing everything!

Moments like these make it all worthwhile. I still can't believe how much these two love each other. I hope it continues as they grow up, it is just amazing to watch. She can always cheer him up, even in the car sometimes when he fusses she can distract him with her laugh or a silly song. I never thought I'd be able to trust her with him, but she has proven to be a remarkable sister.


lao80 said...

So cute! I have a picture of my two sitting just like that.

Jen said...

I am also amazed at how much my kids love each other. So sweet!! He's getting so big! Athena's adorable with her soccer stuff...go Chris!