Thursday, August 23, 2007

Birthday Eve

On the eve of my birthday, we all had a craving for some vegan ice cream so Athena and I ran out to the store to grab some yummy stuff. When we got back, this is what we found. What a bummer, the kitchen and bathroom drains are clogged. Chris did some plunging and draining before heading out to my Dad's to borrow his snake. Damn. Did I mention it is our anniversary tomorrow too?

On a brighter note, I made some Kale Lasagna for dinner. I didn't follow a recipe, I just made it up and it wasn't bad. I made a box of noodles, pureed kale with pizza sauce and fire roasted diced tomatoes, and made a tofu ricotta with tofu, nutritional yeast, Italian herbs, and apple cider/balsamic vinegar. I sprinkled more nutritional yeast on top and some bread crumbs.
Oh, and I drizzled balsamic flax oil on it, Yum!
Asleep at last! Rowan is a night owl, but I am trying to get him to go to sleep earlier. Last night it was 10 and tonight it was 9:40, 10 by the time I laid him down. I've been trying to walk him or bounce him to sleep in the sling because when I nurse him to sleep, he always wakes up within a few minutes. It seems to be working...but I probably won't keep it up. Some nights I am just too lazy to walk him and just lay with him and fall asleep myself. He makes me sleepy!


lao80 said...

That looks good!

Sorry about your drains.

Happy Birthday. :)

knitja said...

I love that sleeping face!