Friday, August 10, 2007

Camping Fun

Click on the photo above for the rest of our camping shots

We had a great night of camping. At first I was wishing we were staying longer, but in the end I realized that 1 night of camping is perfect with small children. We had so much fun but left before any meltdowns and extreme fatigue kicked in. We arrived Thurs. night, had dinner, set up camp, told funny stories and went to sleep. This morning, we had breakfast (chris had already taken his annual cuyamaca peak hike carrying Athena), went on a 1 mile nature loop. It was cool to be up early and one of the first hikers on the trail as we saw some cool animal footprints. We also saw a wild turkey which was cool because I was telling Chris earlier that I hoped we'd see one since twice others had told me they had and I was a little jealous. We then stopped at the museum and the green valley falls on our way out. It was just a really nice day. We also stopped for pizza on our way home. The Wynola Springs Pizza express has a vegan pizza which wasn't bad. Kind of cool find for when you are OUT that way.
We had Sipz for dinner. This was our mini 24 hour vacation. It was fun and now I am happy to sleep comfortably in my own bed!


lao80 said...

Sound like fun! Do you guys sleep on an air mattress or pad?

veganmomma said...

We slept on individual thermarests and it was WAY better than an air mattress since when one person moved it didn't move the rest of us. It was the best camp sleep I've had with kids.

lao80 said...

I'll have to look into that. I get really cold when I sleep on the air mattress because of all the air circulation. No matter how many blankets I add my back gets cold.