Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Beach day

We headed to the beach again today, actually the bay but my kids don't know the difference! My brother and SIL are staying at a beach house on the bay with her parents for the week. Not another person was on the beach while we were there. Plenty of people rode by on the bike path though.
The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves once again. Rowan went charging for the water and walked right in until he fell forward under the water. Luckily I was there to scoop him up quickly! He only was upset for about 3 seconds and then went right back in the water. The freezing water I might add. He kept tugging my hand to go in further but my feet were going numb. Athena got to go out on the kayak with her aunt kelli and cousin oli. That was very cool for her. After that they made holes, houses, letters, and various other things in the sand. They were all loving it. Cousin Dante and Rowan got into their usual mischief and chewed holes in balls and dumped buckets of water out that weren't supposed to be dumped.
This afternoon, Athena had swim class. She has been taking it for 4 weeks and today was the last day of the session. She has definitely made progress but has a long way to go to be swimming alone I think. I'm proud of her efforts and am signing her up again since she loves the class and her 2 friends will still be in the class with her.

Rowan tries out the kayak surfer style.
"I like this water".
"I love this water. Must feel it with all of my body."
The kayakers heading in.
Buried feet. I was trying hard to get a picture of both girls looking, but Oli would only look for a split second and I missed her lovely face every time.

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