Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sleepy kids

Both kids are asleep tonight, by 7:30. This is a rare occasion in our household. Definitely an indication of how things have been the past few days, very very busy. Friday I decided to take Rowan for a blood test which required a short visit to our local Children's Hospital. It went surprisingly well, with just a tiny yelp when she pulled the needle out. He was kind of grunting during the draw as though to say, "get this thing out of me!". But when it was over he was happy to just go on about our day. We headed to the park to meet our playgroup friends and then headed home for naps. Friday afternoon, Athena started her new dance class "Mini Hip Hop". I was getting bored with the same old class she has been taking for almost 2 years now, and she was actually very excited to try "hip hop". It was a fun class for her, definitely more challenging then the ballet/tap one because it was faster paced. She said she liked it and is looking forward to going back next week.
Saturday I took Athena shopping with me to pick out a dress for an afternoon wedding. My mom came over to watch the kids while we attended the wedding. We had to leave a bit early to get home and put the kids to bed, but still had a nice time. I'm sure my mom could have gotten the kids to bed as they were super cooperative with her, but she was really tired to begin with and we were too so it gave us a good excuse to come home and the kids were happy to see us for sure.
Today Chris went on a long bike ride(ending at OB People's) and then we met him down at the co-op for lunch. It was so hot this weekend, like in the 90's, so we decided to hit the pool in the afternoon. Rowan hadn't been in a pool since our October La Paz trip and he really liked it. Athena had fun showing her Dad all her new pool tricks. I made some yummy pizzas when we got home from that which got scarfed up by us all. Rowan went right to bed after that and Athena fell asleep on the couch with me as I dozed off (accidentally) for about 10 minutes. Looking forward to another week of busyness and fun...
At the wedding.
Rowan pool face.
Ready to jump in.


Happy Herbivore! said...

your kids are adorable! (and I LOVE the names!) what a cute, happy vegan family at the pool!!!

Stephanie said...

I am tired just reading that post.

veganboyjosh said...

i can see why the pizza was scarfed up.