Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Camping

We headed to the mountains early saturday morning to join our friends at camp. We had waited a day to allow Ro to recover and he was back to normal. We got there as our friends were finishing up breakfast so we felt like we didn't miss too much. Camping was awesome and exhausting. The kids were all wonderful and played so nicely. Rowan was a bit of a handful, always running for the fire pit, or falling down the hills. He enjoyed himself though. It was colder than I expected and I forgot Rowan's jacket but luckily someone lent me one. I felt terrible that the baby would be left to freeze! I hardly slept at all during the cold night, but it wasn't because I was freezing, I was just worried about keeping Rowan warm. He and Athena both slept great (8 pm - 7:30 am). Of course I nursed Rowan most of the night to keep him happy.
I'm looking forward to camping again in June, I just need to get a bigger sleeping bag by then because it is hard to squeeze a baby in one of those "mummy" bags. Alright, I'll leave you with some pictures now, I am still very tired from the trip...

On the trail.
Dirty boy.
Athena saying goodbye to her "T" stick. She really wanted to take it home with her.

Camping wouldn't be complete without vegan cupcakes, right? Thanks Lindsey!


DJ said...

Camping's brilliant fun! Cheap, cheerful, the kids love it, and boy do you appreciate a hot shower when you get home!

Laural said...

Where did you go?! Is that gorgeous place fairly close to SD? I've been looking for a place to go camping ever since I moved here from Oregon, but so far haven't found anything besides desert nearby. My daughter's never slept in a tent, and I need to change that!

Eileen said...

Looks like you all had lots of fun! We are getting ready to go camping as well. Any tips on what to pack to eat? We will have lots of kids along too.