Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shaken up a little but OK

I was giving the kids a bath tonight and it wasn't going so well (kids were fighting over toys) and so I made Athena get out and she had a major tantrum. 5 minutes later, I was getting Rowan dressed and I heard a knock at our BACKDOOR. I looked briefly and thought it was my mom as she often stops by the back. Then I heard a man's voice, "I was driving by and I heard screaming." I looked closer and a very suspicious looking man was standing there. I started yelling for him to get out of my yard or I'd call the police. Chris was in the bedroom getting Athena dressed who was now calming down but he heard me yelling. The guy went out to his truck parked out front and I looked at him again and he was like, "I'm sorry". I just kept thinking to myself, "why isn't he leaving, why does he keep looking back, this is weird." So I went out to write his license plate # down but I got all freaked out so I made Chris do it. Chris went out there and the guy said "I'm sorry" again and "don't do anything" as in don't call the cops which weirded us out more. Chris yelled at him not to go in people's yard and asked him his name, and the guy said he couldn't find our front door (which just doesn't make any sense to me) but then the guy finally drove off. A few minutes went by as we got the kids ready for bed and I told Chris we should call the police, just in case. An officer came, they ran the plates and all they said is that the plates went back to an address in the city. At least the car was registered! They said they'd do some extra patrols and that if I saw him again to call them and not talk to him (duh). I'm still kind of freaked out, just because of the vibe I got off of this man, he was just off. Part of me felt guilty because I was thinking of how I feel when I hear a child screaming, but then I thought to myself that I would probably call the police if I was truly concerned for a child's welfare. I definitely would not go into to their backyard. I mean, what was he going to do!!??
Chris went out and installed a lock on the back gate and left the light on back there. I am still shaking a little, but I know things should be OK. I'm sure I'll check out the window before I go anywhere for awhile, you can call me paranoid and that is OK. For now, I feel safe enough with us all here together, but tomorrow I will probably try and either go somewhere for the day or have some one come here.


LisaBella said...

Whoa! That's spookie - there isn't enough rescue remedy in the world that would calm me down from that!

earthmama said...

Trust your instincts! Even his excuse for stopping sounds off- can you "hear" a tantruming child while driving by? Weird. Who violates someones space like that? Some people are so strange.

I am so glad everything is fine- but yeah, I'm sure it will take sometime to get back to normal. You're brave! Good for you, listening to your own voice!

We have these lives where we construct this reality of our own making. When something interferes with that picture- it's just rattling!

I am so happy to hear that you and your family are safe! Hear hear on the rescue remedy, lavender massages, rescue sleep, chamomile tea...or a beer or two- vegan of course! : )

Stay strong veganmomma!
Lisa (earthmamma)

ZebraBelly: said...

Holy cow! I'd be shaken up, too!

DJ said...

God, that's really creepy - I'm not surprised you're shaken up! Don't you find you feel way more vulnerable as a mother because of your instinct to protect your kids? But you've called the police, the gate is locked, and normality will return in time... sending my thoughts over to you, veganmomma!

Laural said...

How terrifying! So glad you called the police.

Bonny said...

I got goosebumps, Sara! I'm glad you had Chris get the plates and call the police!!