Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today is Chris' birthday. The kids and I brought him lunch and cupcakes to his work today. One of his coworkers asked if we were "doing anything" for his birthday today, and I was like, "uh, this is it." In my defense, we are having a brunch on Sunday to celebrate his day at one of his favorite eating places. It is Pokez, a place I have a love/hate relationship with. I used to really like it until I got pregnant with Athena and then the "dirtiness" of the place started to gross me out. It still does a bit, but I usually get over it quickly when my giant tofu mushroom potato burrito arrives. mmm.
I've cooked a ton this week but it is all stuff I've blogged about already. Good stuff though.
Rowan had his 1 year check up yesterday. He is a big boy. 25 lbs, 32 1/2 inches, and 19 1/4 inch head. No wonder my back has been aching, he really is heavy.
Athena has been swimming (lessons at the Y) and I have high hopes that she will be swimming independently by the end of summer. She is really enjoying her lessons but doesn't like to put her eyes in. I bought her some goggles (they are even pink!) and she did a little better but then started telling her teacher she didn't like to put her face in because water went in her nose. That does suck when that happens.
I have 1 1/2 dozen cupcakes in my fridge for a party Saturday, and I am having the biggest urge to eat them up. I won't though because I don't want to have to bake another batch before Sat. Will power is not one of my strong points. Nobody will know if one is missing...
This weekend will be busy. My grandmother, 91, is coming to town with my Aunt and Uncle. I am so excited as she hasn't visited in a long time and we haven't visited her in almost a year! Plus we have birthday parties galore.
I keep thinking of posting about how hectic life has been lately, but instead I'm just going to try and slow down right now. I've been doing too much and it makes me crazy. Hopefully I'll figure out what needs to give and get into a more balanced routine because I've been running around day after day and it starts to take its toll. Luckily we've been healthy (knock on wood) and now I just need to figure out how to fit in exercise and sleep in my day which is going to be much harder than it sounds.

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