Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Super yummy pizza

This was super yummy. I used Trader joe's pizza dough and an opened jar of spaghetti sauce, then dolloped tofu ricotta and basic pesto (VWaV) on top. Athena decorated the pizza with olives, mushrooms, and peas. It was almost the "Isa pizza", but not exactly. Chris and I drizzled some balsamic/olive oil on top and it was perfect. Athena sprinkled parma and dulse on hers. We all really love pizza and easily finished off 2 of these puppies.

Athena starts swim lessons tomorrow. I've officially overbooked her, again. The plan was to drop gymnastics and pick up swimming but the swimming session was starting now and I could get 1/2 off if I signed up today so now she has 2 more weeks left of gymnastics AND starts swimming. I told her we could just skip gym but she said, "NO, I'm ok to do both." And she usually is. She loves all of her classes. She has ever once wanted to skip an activity. I keep waiting for the day she is like, "OK mom, enough, I'm done." But no, she wants to do more and more and I have to explain to her why we can't do every class that she hears about. This summer I would like her to try out a theatre class and keep up with the swimming. Oh, and there is still one more session of dance that she HAS to keep doing because she wants to perform at the fair again. Yikes!


Elaine said...

That looks amazing! I know what I'm making for dinner tomorrow night!

PS Happy 201 post!

earthmama said...

Your little one sounds so ambitious...goodness! I think people (little or big) just come to earth with that kind or energy. She sounds so driven and intense!

The pizza looks delicious...love trader joe's!