Thursday, April 17, 2008

To Post or not to Post

It has been such a crazy week. I didn't sleep well at all for a couple of nights after the "incident" plus Rowan has been super sick. My fingers are crossed that he is on the mend. He had some weird virus that ended today with a rash that isn't Roseola or Chicken Pox. The Dr. didn't know what it was but she said he looked good overall so I really hope it is over. If he isn't better by the weekend he will probably have to get an x-ray but I really think he is getting better. I am looking forward to sleeping soon.
This week Athena had a parent luncheon and Spring singing performance at her school. The event also had a basket raffle where they made all of these themed baskets for you to enter to win (as a fundraiser). I didn't win any, but another parent told me Athena did. I hadn't entered her name into the contest but it turned out my mother in law had. So we came home with the biggest basket, the "family game night" one. Athena was thrilled. Here is a picture of Athena with the basket.
The rest of this week I was just dealing with a cranky toddler and feeling bad for neglecting Athena. She got to do some fun things with Chris though like go out to dinner so that was nice. We were supposed to leave for camping tomorrow but we will have to postpone that. If Ro seems better tomorrow then we will head up Saturday for just 1 night. Athena is REALLY looking forward to it and I feel bad that I have to tell her we won't be leaving tomorrow. I already hinted about it so it won't be a shock but she was thinking she and Chris would just go. Since we aren't ready at all, I think we will all just wait and see how it goes tomorrow.

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