Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

They are signing "airplane" not flashing some gang sign, just in case you were wondering.

I tried to remind myself that it was earth day and couldn't think of a better way to "celebrate" then just spending as much time outside as possible today. Chris rode his bike to work today (23.3 miles each way). He is way more hardcore than me. At least I drove around our fuel efficient civic (40 mpg) most of the day!
I dropped Athena off at school and took Rowan for a walk at Lake Murray. We picked Athena up from school and went back home. After Ro's nap, we headed for the co-op for some earth day sales but got detoured by the beach just a few blocks away. The kids had a fabulous time at the beach and could have stayed much longer, but I had groceries to buy and so I hustled them over to People's. We had a good shopping trip, I remembered all my reusable bags thankfully, and then headed home (sat in horrible traffic). After we got home we had dinner and I gave the kids baths. We then headed up to our neighborhood park since Chris wasn't getting home until late due to the earth day bike riding!!! For bedtime stories we did an "earth hour" again with all of the lights out. We read books with a flashlight and joked about how the compact fluorescent bulb in our lamp was probably a better choice then a flashlight, clearly not as fun though for Athena. So that was our earth day. The other things I did/do that I feel are very important choices for our earth are using cloth diapers, line drying said dipes, eating organic and of course vegan, using non toxic cleaning products, cloth napkins, recycling, composting, ...that is just what came to my head right now. I know we all try to do our part, I am always learning and trying to do better. Sometimes I get lazy, and the convenience of not caring at all tries to sneak its way in to my thinking, but luckily I have Chris and a ton of awesome friends that keep me on track. Yay.


Luci said...

You are awesome. I completely forgot about Earth Day because I was so consumed with my own stuff. And I forgot my jute bags in my car when I got my groceries. Shame on me!!!!
p.s. looks like Athena is trying to channel Elise in that last photo!

DJ said...

I too use cloth diapers and try to recycle as much as poss, but it's by no means the easy option. Lots of times I look at my friends with their disposables and their houses full of expensive but desirable junk and think: 'If only... ' but then my conscience kicks in, the same one that prevents me from obliviously consuming meat, fish and dairy.

thedalyn said...

I've been joyously reading your blog for a couple of weeks now (and I so wish I had discovered it when I lived in San Diego--where I spent 30 years!), but I just wanted to say that I admire your efforts for earth day and otherwise. Happy belated earth day!