Friday, April 04, 2008

Blue toe

On a completely different subject, Rowan dropped a brick on his big toe. Yes, an actual red brick. You may be wondering how on earth that could've happened, and I'll tell you exactly that. I was in the kitchen making dinner and the kids were playing out back. I could see Rowan out the window and at first he pulled up a brick (yes, a brick, that should have been cemented into the ground). He sat down so I thought all was well and went back to cooking. Just seconds later I heard him crying and rushed out to find him with his hands on yet another brick! He was grabbing at his foot and I noticed his big toe looked scraped and red. By the time Chris got home from work his toe nail was beginning to turn blue and he was limping. Poor baby. I didn't really know what to do for him since he kept wanting down but then would struggle to walk. I rubbed some arnica on his toe after he fell asleep and I hope he is much better in the morning. I still can't believe he can lift those bricks, although it was more like a roll of a brick than an actual drop. Still, it was a brick! Now I'm off to search for the perfect vegan shoes for this baby. He may be graduating out of his isabooties which is a good thing since his toes are hanging out the ends!


VegMomma said...

Poor little guy!
Re: vegan shoes, there's a company called Me in Mind that some cute vegan kids shoes. We have a pair for the Teague-ster. The soles are really flexible, but definitely sturdy enough to stand up to sidewalks, etc. :)

veganmomma said...

thanks for the tip. I haven't heard of those. I'll be doing a search tonight!