Thursday, April 24, 2008

AYCE at the Che

All You Can Eat! For me that meant 3 plates tonight (chris had 4). We haven't gone to a Che all you can eat in quite sometime. I remember taking Athena a few times when she was a toddler and then they weren't doing it for awhile, and then we kept talking about going but never made it there. Tonight we made it and it was totally worth my $5. We had plates of veggie sushi rolls (avocado, cucumber, and carrot) and veggie/tofu tempura. It was great. Athena liked it too, but wouldn't eat the veggies out of the tempura (just the tofu and a little broccoli). I couldn't believe she could tell between the greasy outer breading. She really does have sensitive taste. Rowan was just so excited to be eating grease. I know it is bad to feed little ones fried foods but it kept him busy for a little while so we could eat. He spent most of the time trying to run out the door so we had to use every distraction we could. The volunteer cooks also gave athena a cookie which was super nice of them and made her day for sure. They offered one to Rowan too, but I declined because I really do try and feed him healthy food! You should of seem him last night eating zucchini, spinach, tempeh, and peanut noodles like a big kid with a fork. At least one of my kids likes vegetables! (Athena will eat a few, but not enough in my book!)
I have fond memories of the Che. It was where my brother took me to my first show when I was in high school. He wasn't very nice to me back then and totally ignored me, but some of his nice girlfriends took me under their wing so I survived. I always think about that when I go there.
Here is a picture of Athena digging into her veggie rolls, and her plate of food already partially dissected. It was yummy but I should have stopped at 2. And another interesting thing is that Athena (and Rowan) gobble up nori almost every day but she did not like it soft like on the veggie rolls. I actually prefer it soft for some reason.
We rolled around in the grass on campus (the che is on UCSD campus) while Chris went to get cash. Rowan liked all of the buses driving past and didn't seem to mind his sister poking him with pine needles repeatedly. It was driving me crazy for some reason though.


lao80 said...

I wanna go!!!! ;)

Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

Cute pictures! That AYCE sounds great!

julia said...

aw, I love the che. call me next time!

And you can tell Rowan that Ollie's mama used to drive those buses when she was in college :-)

thedalyn said...

So, my partner saw this post and he sent it to me with a message that said, "WE NEED TO GO DO THIS." Since we're going home for a visit in June, it looks like Che is on the to do list.

veganmomma said...

"the dalyn"-
we should have a vegan blogger meeting at the che. That would be fun. We'd be hard to miss though since we are usually the only ones with a couple of kids running around.